Seger A. - Sadler M.

Bundesliga 2003

1... Nc8!

Black has all the advantages in this position. He has the better pawn structure and control of the only open file. Importantly, White has little active to do and he must sit and wait. Thus 1...Nc8! improves the position of Black's worst posted piece and intends ....Ne7-f5, increasing the pressure on d4. It's by far the best move,although some of the other ideas were OK.

1... Rh6?! This is not a mistake, but why is Black moving his Rook off the open file? The attack on h3 is a wild goose chase and cannot improve Black's cause . Play might proceed 2. Kg2 Ree6 3. Rc2 Rh5 4. Re2 Reh6 5. Re8+ Bf8 6. Rh1 and Black is going nowhere

1... f5 and

1... h5 are both decent space-gaining moves and certainly improve Black's position by threatening to include his King in the game. Yet they lack the precision of 1...Nc8,which has a definite target in mind.

Meanwhile 1... Nd7 is also ok, perhaps intending ...Nf8-g6, eyeing the f4 and h4 squares, but it is not as exact as the game continuation.

Back at the game.

2. Kf1 Ne7 3. Rc2 Nf5

saw the Black idea put into practice. White is now completely tied up:

4. Ne2 Rh6

Much better timing!

5. Bg3

5. Kg2 Nh4+ 6. Kg3 Rhe6 7. Rdd2 h5 sees White getting squeezed for decent moves.

5... Rxh3 6. Rd3 Rh1+ 7. Kg2 Re1! 8. Rdd2 h5! 9. Kh3 Kh7

The improvement takes place move by move and includes an extra pawn. White is lost.

10. Kh2 Re6 11. Bb8 Nh4 12. Kg3 R6xe2!

A nice concluding blow. White resigns in view of 13 Rxe2 Rg1+! 14 Kh3 Nxf3 with mate imminent. Excellent play by Black!