Arestov - Shakhmaty Vestnik


1. Rh3! Qg1

Either of 1... Qxf1 2. Rf3+

or 1... Qxg2 2. Rh2 draw immediately

2. Rc3!!

If you worked at this study and found 2 Rc3,well done!

2... Ke2 3. Ng3+ Kd2 4. Rc2+ Ke3

Black cannot liberate his Queen: 4... Kd1 5. Rc1+ Kxc1 6. Ne2+

5. Rc3+ Kf2 6. Nf1!!


6... Qh1 7. Rh3 Qg1 8. Rc3 Ne4 9. Rc2+ Ke1 10. Rc1+ Kf2

10... Ke2 11. Ng3+

11. Rc2+

Draw. Many players ask: what is the relevance of studies when we are training? Why should we work on positions we will never encounter over the board ? I believe studies enhance our aesthetic appreciation of chess. They work and exercise areas of the brain over the board chess does not touch. They prepare us to consider surprise and unorthodox ideas in our games. They build our intuition. They do not reward lazy thinking. It that a convincing enough list?