Martin, Andrew - Quiz


1. b8=B!!

Promoting to a Rook or Queen is stalemate and a Knight is no good either:

1. b8=N+ Kb7 2. Nd7 Kc8 3. Nf6 Kxd8 4. Nxh7 Ke7 5. Ng5 Kf6 6. h7 Kg7 7. Ka2 Kh8= Extraordinarily,this position is a draw. The Knight cannot gain or lose a move and thus force the Black King out of the corner.

1... Kb7

So, the winning technique now: White eventually reaches Kf6, Bishops on a7 and e5, pawn h6 vs Black King g8 pawn h7 and finishes by 1 Bc5 Kh8 2 Kf7 mate! Nice!