Lobron E. - Blatny P

Erevan 1996

1. b6

No! Lets see why.

1... Bxb6!

1... axb6 2. Kb5! is not what the doctor ordered.(2. a7 b5+)

2. Nxb6 Kc7!!

A remarkable saving move.

3. Nd5+ Kb8 4. Kb5 Ka8 5. Kc6 Kb8

A positional draw. The Black King cannot be forced away.

6. Nb6

6. Nc7 Kc8 7. Nb5 Kb8

6... axb6 7. Kxb6 Ka8 8. a7

Moral of the story: Even when the position is hopeless, look out for the hidden resource.