Jul 26 2011

A message from the CEO – Thank you!


Dear ChessCube users,

ChessCube certainly has wonderful users. Your response to our appeal to help support ChessCube has been overwhelming. Thank you!

Your contributions to ChessCube – monetary and otherwise – have invigorated us and we are working harder than ever to deliver a fantastic product to you – our community. Throughout the past month we have received support via online purchases, donations, marketing expertise and advertisement offers from our users, tons of heartfelt emails and, most importantly, your vote of confidence and support regarding our recent Cubit and in-application advertising policies.

Those who have been able to support us by purchasing Cubits, ChessCube Cinema videos, virtual items such as backgrounds and chess piece sets in our store, purchases in our merchandise store, VIP upgrades and donations on PayPal – we thank you. For those who have not been able to support ChessCube financially, we thank you too, as we truly appreciate you staying active on ChessCube.

I would also like to mention a huge thanks to our community members who have been using our social gifting feature, they have been having so much fun with gambling online. We have seen large amounts of virtual sbobet88 goods where we can bet and make money with maxbet and VIP memberships being gifted to friends and strangers alike.

We appreciate your continued support for ChessCube – which really helps secure our future as a leading chess network and we will do our best to serve you well.

If you would like to contact me to discuss any issues, please email [email protected].

Thanking you in advance!

Mark Levitt
CEO ChessCube