The Torre Attack – an easy opening


The Torre Attack (named after Mexican Chess grandmaster Carlos Torre Repetto – if trivia is your thing) is an opening which is both easy to understand and easy to play. It’s also used by some of the best international chess players, so you know it’s worth taking a look at.

Here’s a video by IM Andrew Martin so you can see what it is all about:

You can also find more analysis by reading Andrew Martin’s latest article on the Torre Attack or by buying his exclusive two-part, part 1 and part 2, video series in our online store.

Perhaps the Torre Attack is your first step on the path to Grandmaster?

6 Responses to “The Torre Attack – an easy opening”

  • Marc Says:

    This is a really cool widget. It is possible to post this video on personal blogs? It would be great to share it with friends.

  • obender71 Says:

    Ouch, soooo difficult to understand mother tongue english speakers!

  • Uknoi Says:

    This opening was fully explored by I.A.Horowitz & Fred Reinfeld..Book: How to think ahead in chess. 1st 1952 the edition I read was published again in 1972. This game called the Torre attack. Seems to be almost similar to the Stonewall Attack as it was refered to then..P-Q4 ….and played… by black refered to as Lasker’s Defence!. I’ve followed this game via the video game commented on by Andrew Martin. Its well done and Martin does an excellent job with his passing comments. Seems in chess no matter how inovative you feel you are…I have no doubt someone..somewhere has played a game the same way?. Is why we still keep searching for that elusive “Formula” The perfect and undefendable white attack. And vice versa for black. So much has been written on chess, Ive given up…and just enjoy the game regardless of the outcome. After all it is only a game, BUT WHAT A GAME IT IS!!!

  • jorge soto Says:

    After reading the comments i feel more relaxed about the language misunderstanding.
    Im not an english native speaker and is so hard to understand the Martin’s accent.
    But the video supplies any explanation.
    Thanks to ANDREW MARTIN

  • Dancehall Says:

    Because there are not subtitle, it is imposible to understand for people who doesn’t know so much english so pleace put the subtitle… XD

  • admin Says:

    Thanks for all the comments – there are some great ideas in here. Keep watching the blog for more feedback.