Feb 25 2010

Sick Set Thursday – An awesome virtual ChessCube chess set :)

The Leipzig chess piece set with ChessCube Analysis running

The Leipzig chess piece set with ChessCube Analysis running

A Sick Set Thursday with a difference :) . This is how the chess board looks on my “Sean” account. I guess I am pretty much boasting about how great my custom colors and Leipzig chess piece set go so well together. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to make anyone jealous, but I do sometimes brag about it :) . There are 6 different piece sets to choose from, including the standard ChessCube Classic and Line sets, however I quite like the Leipzig piece set.

On these screenshots, you’ll see 3 of the many different benefits I have of being a Premium member of ChessCube. 1 being the custom chess piece set (in this case the Leipzig set), 2 being the custom colors of the squares of the board, and 3 being ChessCube Analysis, which is showing me what the next best move would be. ChessCube Analysis becomes active while watching live games, or when reviewing your past played games.

In my opinion, this is an outstanding ‘virtual chess set’, and it definitely deserves to be the Sick Set of this week! :)

To learn more about the ChessCube Premium service, visit: http://www.chesscube.com/shop/membership/view

And with that, I’ll get back to playing on my super cool ChessCube account :)



Feb 11 2010

Sick Set Thursday – The Rock vs Jazz Chess Set!



Battle of the Bands chess set pitches a Jazz band against Rock and Roll! Whimsical resin figures are detailed and hand painted and range 2″ to 4″ tall. The board (included) is solid wood in natural tones and measures 13×13.

Via – WildAboutMusic

Jan 14 2010

Sick Set Thursday – A Set dedicated to Manchester United Football Club!


ManUtd Chess Set

Are you a Manchester United fan? Well, here’s a chess set that allows you to take your favorite team to yet another victory :) .  The set consists of the 1999 Treble winning team against the 1968 UEFA Championship winning team. King Vs King – its Stiles Vs Keane on this match-day :)

More pics:




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Jan 7 2010

Sick Set Thursday – The King Kong Chess Set

King Kong Chess Set

King Kong Chess Set

The primal savagery of Skull Island clashes against the urban sophistication of 1933 New York as man and monster battle for supremacy on the chessboard. Kong, ruler of the dark and terrifying Skull Island, a world of tangled jungle, superstitious sacrifice and nightmarish monsters, beats his chest in defiance against the might of the industrial age. New York, urban pinnacle of the western world and symbolic of the artificial power of man, is his adversary, having taken from Kong, that which he most loves, the beautiful Ann Darrow. Scuplted by Weta Workshop’s Mary Maclachlan, Gary Hunt and Ben Hawker.

Item Size: approx. 10 inches H (254mm) x 15.5 inches W (394mm) x 15.5 inches L (394mm). Pieces range in size from approx. 2.75 inches H (70mm) x 1 inches W (25mm) x 1 inches L (25mm) to 3.5 inches H (89mm) x 1.25 inches W (32mm) x 1.25 inches L (32mm).

Limited to 1500 sets, retailing at $475.

King Kong Chess

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Dec 24 2009

Sick Set Thursday – a Christmas Chess Set


Just in time for the season, here is a Christmas Chess Set from flickr user d.rex.

You can see more of his photos on his flickr page, or at Dave Wood Photography.

Dec 10 2009

Sick Set Thursday – The Art Deco Chess Set



This Art Deco Chess Set really is an amazing Masterpiece. The porcelain-like, unique Art-Deco styled chessmen bring vivacious cheer and lighthearted holiday accents in red and black with faux pearl inlay. A mid-size set of chess men with 3 1/2″ tall king piece.

King size: 3-1/2″
Base size: 1-3/8″


Via - ChessHouse

Dec 3 2009

Sick Set Thursday – An amazing Aliens Vs. Predator Chess Set


The top of the playing surface is hinged and opens to allow storage of your pieces in felt covered cubicles.

This limited edition of 5000 features prepainted resin and white metal pieces that are extremely detailed and accurate to the film. Is this a game of evil against… evil?  More like a playset with a fully sculpted board that recreats the temple-like setting for some of the major action sequences sem in the Alien vs Predator film. the magnificent set is planned to feature 2 Chestburster (rooks), 2 Facehugger (bishops), 2 Warrior Aliens (knights), 1 Queen Alien (Quen), (King), 8 Glaives (pawns) 2 Laser Guns (rooks), 2 Wrist Knives (bishops), 2 Hunter Pedators (knights), 1 (Queen) and 1 (King) – The pieces range in size from one and a half inches Alien Pawn tall to three and a half inches tall Alien Queeen. A must have for Alien/Predator/Chess Fans!


Via – ToyMania

Nov 19 2009

Sick Set Thursday – The Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg Chess Set



This is a highly-detailed, sculpted chess set with painted pieces complimented by a top-quality wooden board branded with the Jack Daniel’s logo. Here’s your chance to commemorate your love of deep thinking, the American Civil War, and smooth Tennessee sippin’ with this beauty of a chess set.

Board size: 15-1/2 x 15-1/2 x 2-1/4 Inches

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Nov 12 2009

Sick Set Thursday – The African Big 5 Animal Chess Pieces and Chess Board


Large chess board 17.30'' x 17.30''

Made with chess pieces featuring the Big 5 most dangerous wild African animals of Africa, with baboons as pawns, rhinos as knights and white and black buffalo as bishops. Every chess piece is individually handcrafted, cast in marble resins and then hand painted with care and attention to authentic detail. Chessboards are designed and crafted in beautifully polished indigenous South African woods.

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Nov 5 2009

Sick Set Thursday – A Hip Hop Chess Set.. yo!

Some artists include Snoop Dogg, Young Jeezy, Missy Elliot, Plies and Ludacris!

Some artists include Snoop Dogg, Young Jeezy, Missy Elliot, Plies and Ludacris!

The figurines in the Hip Hop Chess set are hand made, and takes about 18 hours to make each piece. A complete chess set of 32 hand made figurines will set you back $5000, or you could order each piece at $300!

Another picture:


More pics and info via: SandraRose