ChessCube 5.04 update launched!


Hi Cubers!

We’re excited to let you know that ChessCube V5.04 has been launched, and with it comes a a few great updates:

Minimize your Friends Bar:

The Friends Bar can now be minimized at any time while on ChessCube. With the Friends Bar minimized, you still have access to the Tournaments, Watch, Play, Chat, Shop and Leaderboard buttons. You can also show the friends bar in its normal size at any time to see how your friends are progressing through the levels and ratings.

Choose to hide or show your Friends Bar

Bigger chessboard:

With your Friends Bar minimized, you can now play on the biggest chessboard we’ve ever had on ChessCube. When watching a live game in progress, sit back and enjoy an even bigger board in full screen mode!

Unified user and profile settings:

We’ve unified all your profile, interface, playing, and community settings in the new “Settings” box. To find this box, simply click on the cogwheel above the Tournament and Watch button.

We hope you enjoy this release!

The ChessCube Team

14 Responses to “ChessCube 5.04 update launched!”

  • Jéssica Says:

    good … but might have to stretch to the sides as well. has two large spaces to the right and left with nothing.

  • apachee11 Says:

    I just played my first game on the huge, I mean huge board! I love it!

  • dragan9 Says:

    i think there should be a friends button, how it used to be, next to tournament button, play, etc… was better before

  • KouroSH Says:

    Its cool to have a bigger chess board, but thats not big enough! please add a full screen board option.

  • coragito Says:

    confesso que de inicio parecia um pouco confuso, mas agora acho que a pagina esta mais moderna,abraços

  • Ferdan Says:

    Why can’t we chat whit full screen!, and at what leevel can i seek for 1-10 min games (fast games)!

  • Rafa_King Says:

    lolzzz…i m happy with this new version…thnakxx :) what i need was only big chessboard

  • FabulousX Says:

    Verry good update

  • tariq_aldwire Says:

    we need Full Screen chessboard please

  • MihaiMese Says:

    Why have you “facebook”-ified this site? I want to see past games and what I get is a lame text “awww, you must be level 7 to do this” It’s like Farmville or something. Come on guys, chess should be serious.

  • Mish Says:

    First of all, there’s a lot of space left for waste on the right and left like Jessica said. PLus with a widescreen its looks like everything’s been crammed in onto the centre.

    Also this new level system is irritaing. For every other thing you do you need to be at a higher level. You want to check your past games, and “awww… you need to be at level 7″, you want to see you stats,”awwww…”, anywhere you click, “awww….”. I am tired of this. Either the system shoulb be improved or removed.

  • kath Says:

    or you can just go to another website mish. take your negativity elsewhere. chesscube is fine the way it is.

  • pmahe Says:

    Lot many bugs in the new version!!! I could not move my pieces at times!! this is really bad!!

  • Sarven Capadisli Says:

    It would be great if you could;

    Fix the game seek algorithm:
    * Hide unavailable players
    * Hide players in which I don’t match their opponent criteria

    The bottom tool panel:
    * Invite friends, Add from Facebook, Send invites; is this really that prominent information for the interface? Would a single Invite button which leads to a various invitation options suffice?
    * Friend navigation:
    ** Can’t distinguish between actionable buttons from non because they look the same. Either hide the buttons when they serve no purpose or change the style (e.g., grayed out)
    ** The navigation controls are at opposite ends of the interface. Can you find any interface (in real life or on the Web) that does the same? Might want to
    ** Why am I listed in my own friend list?

    Better game export options:
    * It would be nice because than I know you are not just hugging my data. I’m not talking about having the experience level (14) to grab the PGN of a game at a time (under My Games).

    My Stats:
    * Rating chart shows the last 1000 games. Why?
    * Allow an option to view/explore a game node on the chart i.e., on click, show that game just under My Games

    My Games:
    * Let the user know what the URI is for a game. It would allow them to get back to it later easily, or share it publicly! You know, this would actually draw more people into your service. Cool eh? Yea, wonders of accessibility and being open.

    * Currently it uses a magnifying glass icon to ‘Add’ friends. The ‘add’ concept is not closely tied with that. The term ‘Search’ would be more appropriate and is commonly used.

    * Experience level container for the numerical value is a fixed width in the interface. My whopping ~10k (heh) flows out of the container.

    More later..

    Don’t forget to thank your users in your announcements for helping you improve your application and service. I’m sure many invest time doing so in these blog posts, chat rooms, and on the forum. Work with the community to build a better “user experience” and communicate! Let them feel that they are acknowledged.