ChessCube launches Version 5!


Dear Cubers,

Today we launched the brand new ChessCube Version 5, which keeps all your old favourite features – but adds a whole lot more:

A faster snappier simpler ChessCube with better server performance:

  • Version 5 uses less system memory and speeds up all the controls to make it snappier and zippier.
  • The menu items have moved from the top left to the bottom right of the ‘Friends bar’.
  • The ‘Draw’, ‘Resign’, ‘Abort’, ‘Flip-board’ and ‘Copy-PGN’ buttons have all changed to simpler mini-buttons, now located below the material balance section on the left.

ChessCube V5

Earn experience points (XP)

You get XP for actions, such as playing rated games or tournaments, beating stronger players, inviting friends to ChessCube, and many more. At certain XP values you move to new levels to unlock more features. See our Forum for more details.

Making ChessCube more fun and social, to grow our community:

See all your ChessCube friends in a new control at the bottom of the screen. You can sort by ‘General rating’, ‘Tournament rating’, or ‘ChessCube level’ to compare yourself to your friends.

The ‘Friends bar’ also makes it easier to add friends from Facebook, or sending them an email invite. Spread the word – and in fact you can earn a whole lot of extra cubits for doing just that!

In-application Cubit store (coming in a few days):

Our old website store was hard to find, but now you can buy fun items with your Cubits at the click of a button directly inside our new in-application store.

Have fun with ChessCube version 5 and let us know what you think!

All the best,

Mark Levitt
CEO ChessCube

8 Responses to “ChessCube launches Version 5!”

  • sean Says:

    it’s awful. can no longer chat with my opponent, can’t see any of my old games, can’t see my friends. instead just a taunting “Awwww….” message. thanks! its great when functionality is removed because someone thinks eXperience Points are a good idea. i’m motivated to migrate elsewhere and pester everyone i know to leave too

  • Sarven Capadisli Says:

    Congratulations on the launch. I’m sure you guys have worked hard at it.

    Some criticism:

    * Major instead of incremental UI changes. It would have helped you to identify what worked and what didn’t going forward instead of throwing something at the user and than trying to figure out whether if it was x,y,z…

    * Drastically changed the location of the objects (sidebar, tabs) away from what the users are used. Why?

    * What problems does this design solve?

    * Fix the seek results algorithm! It shows user matches that are inaccurate. It shouldn’t show me people that I can play with if I don’t fit that user’s match criteria. If I offer to play, it just automatically says that I don’t match their criteria. Why bother with this at all? Cognitive overload.

    * Why does it take forever to see my game list, and my stats? It just throws a spinner that goes on infinitely. At least provide some sort of an indication every x seconds or whatever: “It is taking longer than we expected, …” i.e., in other words, time the damn thing out. Tell the user that it is not working now and so they can try later. That’s a better “response” to the user. The point of the UI is to interact with the user. So, interact! BTW, majority of the time, I can’t get my stats. It just timesout or whatever. Get that sorted out. Please. On that topic, I’d like to be able to export all of my games with a single click. Give me a tarball or something. Please :)

    * The new button at the right bottom corner “Options: Change your settings and zoom or logout”. First of all the fact that I can show/hide this thing is badly done. It is an unnecessary action. Find a better location to place this without forcing me to expand the options i.e., just show them because there are only three! When the botton is minimized it occupies almost the same amount of space, so, you do have space for it. Just drop the show/hide action and add the help button to that list (of three). If anything, place this set somewhere else as it not part of my game actions. It is a different group of actions.

    * Add friend, add friend, add friend, add friend. Really? How about just one? Would that accomplish the same thing?

    * Why do I see two versions/instances of my avatar? Clicking on both results in the same action. Don’t repeat yourself.

    * …..

    The previous design was much better in my opinion. I realize that it takes time for users to get used to new features or location of objects, however, that approach simply asks for trouble. There are simply just too much going on on the screen and they are all trying to call up my attention at the same time. This dude just wants to play a game.

    What I like the most about chesscube’s design is the game itself. It responds fairly well.

    Do you have a UX designer on the team?

  • NIrmit Says:

    This Version is not so good like the last one….
    This one is the worst ever version from chesscube….

  • whoclm Says:

    Others have been eloquent in their constructive criticism. Me, I am more direct: it s-cks.

    Never critize without offering a recommendation to fix, so, revert to your earlier set-up.

  • Jack Says:

    Please change it back! It is unfair of you to make us play rated games or promote your site in order to get features we used to have anyway. Why on earth would you do this?

  • cip Says:

    i can t log in , why ? tell me please…..

  • SimonSays Says:

    Chesscube has once been a great site … now it becomes commercial, unfunctional, bugged and full with irrelevant gimmicks.

  • Peha Says:

    Why automatic comments such as “knight openig”, “French defence” etc… disapear in V5 ? I was a realy good way to learn.

    I prefered either the previous design… more intuitive.