ChessCube VIP Membership


In case you haven’t noticed, ChessCube has an exciting new membership called VIP. This replaces the previous premium membership which will no longer be for sale. Existing premium members will still receive all their current benefits but will no longer be able to extend their premium membership.

What are the benefits of VIP?

ChessCube has packaged a lot of the former premium benefits with some exciting new features:

Stand Out from the Crowd

  • Get preferential listing in rooms. This makes you more visible to your friends and other users.
  • Members-only badge & (new) player card. Show-off with some special effects.

Double XP Multiplier

  • Earn XP (experience points) at double rate. ChessCube is working on bringing additional benefits to users based on their XP level. So start earning more today!

Free Videos & Virtual Goods

  • Weekly streaming videos. Get free training videos inside the application – a new video is added every week!
  • Access to last 5 videos. Don’t worry if you’re running short of time as your videos will be available for a while.
  • Free limited edition virtual goods. Get 6 (new) exclusive free items which are not for sale anywhere else on ChessCube.

Exclusive Access & Features

  • Exclusive tournament access. Join tournaments which are only open to VIP and premium members to play.
  • Audio/video chat. Use the built in audio/video chat feature of ChessCube to interact with your friends.
  • Customized board colors. Make the board look the way you want.
  • Preset take-back & abort options. Tired of rejecting annoying requests during your game? Preset your response for all future opponents.

Valuable Game Data & Statistics

  • Full game history. Get access to all the games you have ever played on ChessCube!
  • Full game statistics. Delve deeper into your past performance.
  • (new) Get own games as email PGN. Get all your games sent to you via email in the PGN standard format.
  • (new) Daily ChessCube PGN game access. Download all the top games played on ChessCube and analyze them with your favorite program.
  • (new) Tournament report as email PGN. Get a full report and all games emailed to you after each tournament you play in (opt-in required on tournament entry).
  • (new) Other player game history. View all the games of any player on ChessCube.
  • (new) Other player game statistics. View the performance of any player on ChessCube.

You can compare all the benefits here. Last, but not least, by taking a VIP membership you are helping to support ChessCube and enabling us to keep improving and bringing you new features. Without your support this would not be possible!

What does it cost?

VIP membership is sold in two packages:

  • VIP Monthly gives you access to the above features for 1 month and costs 49 Crowns (about $5).
  • VIP Annual gives you a full year’s access and costs 399 Crowns (about $40 or $3.33 per month).

Unfortunately ChessCube can not accept Cubits as payment for VIP memberships as Cubits are gifted to users every day. You can still use your Cubits to enter tournaments, play wagering games, rent streaming videos inside the application and buy virtual goods (backgrounds, piece sets and soundpacks).

How can I become a VIP member?

You can become a member by following this link:

After logging in the VIP window will show from where you can purchase a membership. Alternatively you can click on the left menu “Store” button and select “Buy VIP” in the store. If you are already a VIP member your membership expiry date will also be shown on the VIP window.

We hope you enjoy ChessCube VIP membership!

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