Great New Improvements in ChessCube V5.09


Hi Cubers!

We’ve launched ChessCube V5.09, and we have been listening to the feedback from our community – and this release offers great improvements:

  • ‘Sit & Go’ tournaments: These start as soon as enough people have entered – no more waiting around!
  • New tournament list: This makes it even easier to find an exciting event to play.
  • Play rated games for 0 Cubits: That’s right – rated games are now free!
  • Wagering amounts: These have been amended to reflect the most popular values.
  • Improved level system: It’s now even easier to unlock the full ChessCube experience. More Info

The all new Tournament List out with ChessCube V5.09, including Sit & Go Tournaments

We hope you enjoy these great improvements, and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Best Regards,
The ChessCube Team

5 Responses to “Great New Improvements in ChessCube V5.09”

  • Rafa_King Says:

    I love tourny design & job & especially RATED game for 0 cubit :)

  • Naneto Says:

    The new tournament interface is better than the previous one. I like the idea about the Sit&Go type of tournaments- suitable. Can’t say anything more about the rating games being played cubits free than- marvelous. The new level list is easy to be reached. I think, at first most of the players were irritated by the 20 levels but after all this kinda competition to reach higher level and unlock more features, became very interesting.. now it is not compitable.. but I guess it is okay.
    Keep improving the site, good people!!
    Good work !
    Best Regards

  • tariq aldwire Says:

    Great support, but we hope to see Sit&go tourneys with limited ratings range …

    best regards

  • cinemafia Says:

    only six levels?! what does it mean?
    new tournament engine is nice.