New Seek Graph!


We’ve just released a new seek graph which makes it simple and easy to find and start games!

New Seek Graph!

The seek graph shows users currently looking for a game. The height of a seek indicates the player’s rating while the horizontal space represents the approximate length of the game. Quickly see the seeks you are interested in by looking for your “sweet spot”.

To get more details about viagra and weed a seek just hover over it (you will only see the seeks which you qualify sildenafil generic for). To accept a seek and start the game just click on it – it’s that simple!

The colour – from cold to hot – of a seek tells you the value of the game:

  • grey = 0 Cubits
  • blue = 10 Cubits
  • cyan = 50 Cubits
  • green = 100 Cubits
  • yellow = 500 Cubits
  • orange = 1,000 Cubits
  • red = 2,000 Cubits
  • white = your own seek regardless of the Cubit value

The shape and fill of a seek tells you the type of offer:

For all the details have a look at this forum post.

We hope you enjoy using the seek graph, and that you find many exciting games using it! Remember to send us feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

42 Responses to “New Seek Graph!”

  • Salah Eddine Benchabiba Says:

    It’s not good: this new graph, it’s a little complicated

  • Rey Custodio Says:

    Please go back to the old format. It’s better to know who you are playing with beforehand.

  • admin Says:

    Give it a try for a bit… you may find that it is actually simpler when you are used to it.

  • admin Says:

    The seek graph is no different in this respect – just hover over a seek on the graph to see more details about it. If you want to manually accept all your games you can just check the ‘Manual accept’ box before seeking.

  • Fuja Says:

    sincerely chess is an enough mind consuming game… its even complicated when we search for opponents…

  • AdrianT Says:

    The graph is great, I love it! Well done! However I find it annoying that you cannot challenge people in the graph to different settings. The manual accept is stupid because someone can only challenge you for the settings YOU posted… So of course you’ll accept. It should be the other way around – manual challenge. That is, if someone is looking for a 5 minute game, perhaps one could challenge them to a 3 minute game and see if they accept or not… ?

  • sunarso Says:

    really worst, please return the seek like before

  • admin Says:

    Manual accept is for users who do not want games to start automatically – you could be away from the application for a few moments or want to see who is challenging you first. You can manually challenge your friends to any game by using their player card.

  • sachin Says:

    this graph is a bit complicated or in other word bit to shabby chesscube could have made it a bit more user friendly like the new version..hope it would be removed or change.

  • hredoy Says:

    the old format is better

  • Roebuck Says:

    Please make the old new again.

  • Anonymous Says:

    What ever happened to the philosophy “If it aint broke, don’t fix it?”. Please have the option of reverting to the old style of seeking, I find the seek graph REALLY annoying.

  • yans Says:

    Old seek Format is 300 million x better than the new Format please….

  • PaulD Says:

    fire your designers, new board style and now seek… hate them

  • karan Says:

    not good…. can we roll back to the previous version… not good 4 newcomers to chescube..

  • Astreek Says:

    Why do you continue making flash apps? better change progressively to HTML5

    Flash is so heavy, it crashes from time to time, is not multiplatform, it doesn’t work in many smartphones, in Android it uses to much battery.

  • charliesehar Says:

    This format is very complicated.The older format of seeking an opponent was great.This one is disgusting.

  • Sarven Capadisli Says:

    The usability of seek graph is debatable. It has been used in other chess applications. While it appears to be more attractive than a simple list of game seeks, it certainly sucks up more cognitive load. However, your version could be improved, by doing the following:

    * I’m shocked to see the seek results algorithm is still broken! See my previous comments in other posts.

    * Seek graph is missing a legend for node representation. It is troubling to see the legend explained in a blog/forum post but not where it matters most i.e., in the application itself!

    * More fine grained control over seek graph. A small panel for the type of games that I’d be interested in seeing. For instance, options to show/hide games with cubits, rating, or time-control. This would mean that the user’s eyes don’t have to wonder around unnecessarily.

    * When the user clicks a node on a graph, it is not obvious what’s happening – a line dash is a very clear interaction. For instance, making the node pulse while the offer is being processed might be a better indicator as it is active and something is going on.

  • OBAMA2010 Says:

    Personally I find it very pleasant and attractive I do not understand how the other is disgusting thank you.

  • Quentin Says:

    Sorry but Chesscube get’s very ridiculous I never seen such graphs for games when we look for an opponent, stop the fantasies please…

  • miska12 Says:

    Guys seriously this is not the martrix. I see only little dots instead of people and believe if your determined to use this thing you should give players a chioce between the old ans new, because personely this new thing is stupid.

  • Alessandro Says:

    I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous!!!!!!

  • Alessandro Says:

    Very ridiculous same, I know that DC is working hard to improve more and more, but that’s the worst invention of all time

  • Alessandro Says:

    Very ridiculous same, I know that CC is working hard to improve more and more, but that’s the worst invention of all time

  • Khuber Says:


  • GreatLaker Says:

    I love the new graph–a picture speaks a thousand words. It’s a bit small, but a great feature. Well done.

  • j4jj Says:

    It’s rubbish

  • tariq_aldwire Says:

    its great !

  • deustritao Says:

    is too bad!!!please!!!listen to everybody!!!AGAIN AS WAS BEFORE

  • Winston Says:

    this is too complicated

  • Ahmed Says:

    please return 2 the old seek or u will lose ur fans!!!

  • klkl Says:

    i hate the seek graph

  • Liky Says:

    I love the graph. In fact I wanted something like that for a long time. It’s certainly more professional – the graph used in ICC is almost exactly the same thing. So I think it appeals more to the experienced players.

    To those who think it’s complicated, it’s basically just a rating vs time control graph. In one glance you can see all players seeking to play from bullet to long games, rather than only those seeking the same time control as you.

  • RMario Says:

    Great update, thank you. Much more easier to find an opponent than in the old format. Very user friendly, Im already accustomed it. Keep up the good work!

  • Donal Says:

    A completely over-engineered solution to a problem that didn’t exist. Usability is awful.

  • Redchess Says:

    I like it. I find it simple and effective. I have one suggestion to improve the understanding of the graph: change the words bullet, blitz and standard for the time on the horizontal axis.

  • Redchess Says:

    The grey seek would be more accurate to be defined as minus 3, doesn’t it?

  • vaisakhi Says:

    i think the grey seek is more accurate for playing

  • Jenish Says:

    It’s not good: this new graph, it’s a little complicated

  • sudipta Says:

    the seek graph is to much complicated. First of all there is no legend, u have to go to the blog.
    Second, whom to challenge, based on cubit points or based on ratings? Since the ratings are not displayed ( unless the mouse pointer hover on a point), so each time u want to challenge someone based on ratings, u have to search from the the points by hovering your mouse pointer and check the ratings.

    It will be better to have the old seek box.

  • admin Says:

    You can always see the approximate rating of your opponent by looking at the vertical axis. The marked values of 1000 and 2000 represent ratings. So no need to hover over a seek unless you want to know exactly what the users rating is – for most games this should not be that important.

    If you have v5.071 of the application you will see a legend if you click the ? icon in the graphs title bar.