Sick Set Thursday – An amazing Aliens Vs. Predator Chess Set


The top of the playing surface is hinged and opens to allow storage of your pieces in felt covered cubicles.

This limited edition of 5000 features prepainted resin and white metal pieces that are extremely detailed and accurate to the film. Is this a game of evil against… evil? ┬áMore like a playset with a fully sculpted board that recreats the temple-like setting for some of the major action sequences sem in the Alien vs Predator film. the magnificent set is planned to feature 2 Chestburster (rooks), 2 Facehugger (bishops), 2 Warrior Aliens (knights), 1 Queen Alien (Quen), (King), 8 Glaives (pawns) 2 Laser Guns (rooks), 2 Wrist Knives (bishops), 2 Hunter Pedators (knights), 1 (Queen) and 1 (King) – The pieces range in size from one and a half inches Alien Pawn tall to three and a half inches tall Alien Queeen. A must have for Alien/Predator/Chess Fans!


Via – ToyMania

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