Sick Set Thursday – The King Kong Chess Set

King Kong Chess Set

King Kong Chess Set

The primal savagery of Skull Island clashes against the urban sophistication of 1933 New York as man and monster battle for supremacy on the chessboard. Kong, ruler of the dark and terrifying Skull Island, a world of tangled jungle, superstitious sacrifice and nightmarish monsters, beats his chest in defiance against the might of the industrial age. New York, urban pinnacle of the western world and symbolic of the artificial power of man, is his adversary, having taken from Kong, that which he most loves, the beautiful Ann Darrow. Scuplted by Weta Workshop’s Mary Maclachlan, Gary Hunt and Ben Hawker.

Item Size: approx. 10 inches H (254mm) x 15.5 inches W (394mm) x 15.5 inches L (394mm). Pieces range in size from approx. 2.75 inches H (70mm) x 1 inches W (25mm) x 1 inches L (25mm) to 3.5 inches H (89mm) x 1.25 inches W (32mm) x 1.25 inches L (32mm).

Limited to 1500 sets, retailing at $475.

King Kong Chess

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