Oct 29 2009

Sick Set Thursday – The first ever Chain Mail Chess Set!



Simply a thing of beauty!

The pieces and chess board are constructed with .035″ stainless steel and bronze wiring, one of the smallest wiring types in the world! Unfortunately, you can’t just run out and pick one of these up in a store. But if you have some patience and the build info supplied by the craftsman behind the board, you might be able to put on of these together in about a year’s time.

More pics via - Geekologie (Warning – Strong language ahead!)

Oct 22 2009

Sick Set Thursday – The King is back, as the King! The Elvis Presley Chess Set



Put on your “Blue Suede Shoes” and play with the legend himself, Elvis Presley! This chess set commemorates the King with pieces represented by themes such as “Blue Suede Shoes” and “Hound Dog.” With this set, Elvis truly is the King!

Via – PoolTablesUSA

Oct 15 2009

Sick Set Thursday – The Super Mario Chess Set!

The 32 piece set puts Mario up against Bowser - who will win?

The 32 piece set puts Mario up against Bowser - who will win?

Mario – the King, and Luigi – his queen (?) takes on Bowser and his team. Luigi being Mario’s queen has caused a stir on the net, although we still love him :) . The pieces are hand-painted, with the tallest piece standing at 2.5″ tall.

Following the games color theme of blue and white checkered board, there are more characters that are in this set other than the brothers and the princess. A gold coin represents the pawn which is what super Mario and Luigi collects inside the game to up their life points. You could easily assign which characters play the roles but by default the mushroom represents the rook, the turtle for the knight, and the two ladies the bishop.

Mario and Luigi toys are really a classic and has today been a favorite of some gamers from the 1990s. The development of the game and how it stayed relevant over the course of time is outstanding compared to other game series who suffered a slow death and became irrelevant today.

The catch? There are no magic mushrooms to help you :)

Via ThinkGeek

Oct 8 2009

Sick Set Thursday – A Pewter Egyptian Chess Set


The pieces are superbly crafted in this beautiful set!

The Pewter Egyptian Chess Set is a wonderful masterpiece that brings the past back to our boards.  Can you lead the Pharaoh and his men to victory in this epic battle?

More pictures and info via – ChessHouse

Oct 1 2009

Sick Set Thursday – Not just a Chess Set, but one you can make yourself.. with nuts and bolts!

Will nuts, bolts and washers lead you to victory?

Will nuts, bolts and washers lead you to victory?

A wonderful home-made chess set, consisting of nuts, bolts and washers. And a chess board of course! Have you made your own chess set? Show us! Email your pictures of your set to [email protected], and it could end up on the blog :)

Via LifeHacker

Sep 17 2009

Sick Set Thursday – A wonderful Chess set by Stuart McFarlane

The set was made in 2006 by Stuart McFarlane using anodized aluminum.

The set was made in 2006 by Stuart McFarlane using anodized aluminum.

This wonderful Chess set is a complete set consisting of thirty two playing pieces and complementary playing table with a draw to securely house the pieces when not in use. Produced in anodized aluminum, the pieces are light, robust, and portable. For storage, the set can be aligned flat or upright in most bookshelves. All pieces and the table are padded with neoprene feet to prevent unwanted scratching.

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Sep 10 2009

Sick Set Thursday – Mac Vs. PC Chessboard

Will Gates or Jobs come out tops?

Who will come out tops? Gates or Jobs?

This Adam Frederick design brings the long-fought battling between between these technology giants to the Chessboard. The pieces that are used are the Zune, Xbox, notebooks and desktops, all geared up for a thrashing competition.

Which side are you cheering for? :)

Via Walyou

Sep 3 2009

A Chess Set For Lovers Of The Game, Formula 1 & Carbon Fiber

The carbon fiber chess set comes in an exclusive wooden box and is a

The pieces are made of pure carbon fibre!

As part of the high-luxe line Carbon Luxury, the man has created a gorgeous chessboard made in carbon fiber with the liberal use of high quality stainless steel and 24 carat gold or sterling silver. Now this is a rare feat because all these high end material are combined normally for motorsports or aerospace only.

Even the chess pieces are styled in a way never-seen-before. The curves are sexy and the lines are modern while maintaining the original aesthetics of the game.  The carbon fiber chess set comes in an exclusive wooden box and is accompanied by a signed certificate. So far only 101 units have been made. Make this limited edition yours for $11,350 a piece.

Perhaps this set is better for Blitz games, seeing as though the pieces are lighter :) .

F1 Carbon 2

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Aug 20 2009

Sick Set Thursday – The Most Expensive Chess Set in the World!

Jewel Royale king detail

The detail on the King is amazing!

Constructed in gold and platinum, it is set with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and pearls. Weighing in at 165.2 grams of 18 carat yellow gold, the hand-made king has a uniquely turned underneath achieved using the ‘guillochet’ method.  The magnificent piece is set with 73 rubies, 146 sapphires, 748 diamonds and a secreted pearl. The set’s playing surface is made of yellow and white gold and set with diamonds. The corners are supported by a crystal ball with a gold centre post. Each ball is inlayed with a 16 carat yellow gold spiral of diamonds.

Have you guess the price tag yet? Yes ChessCubers, its costly. Prepare to fork out a cool $9.8 million (over £5 million)!!

Here are more pics of this absolute Masterpiece:

Jewel Royale rook detail

The white Rook.

Jewel Royale bishop detail

The Bishop is breathtakingly beautiful!

How the squares on the board meet.

How the squares on the board meet.

Via ChessVille

Aug 6 2009

The Lord of The Rings Chess Set


The Lord Of The Rings Chess Set

The Lord of the Rings Hand Painted Chess Set should be owned by every Tolkien and LOTR fan.  I think Gandolf would definitely approve of this masterpiece!

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