Jul 27 2009

ChessCube Community, by the Community Manager

SeanW - Our fearless community manager

SeanW - Our fearless community manager

If you were asked the question, “How passionate are you about your passions?”, would your answer be, “It’s close to an obsession”? The way I see it, this is what ChessCube is all about. A worldwide community coming together to share a common passion, the love for playing Chess.

ChessCube shares this obsession with its users, by providing an outstanding interface for newcomers to this great game of skill and strategy, as well as for seasoned veterans to perfect their skills. And once the timer has run out or the King has been dropped or pinned, players can engage with each other in one of our many chat rooms. And that’s where ChessCube hits the ball out of the park.

In my view, the social service we offer to our community is second to none. We all have friends in the real world, and so too on the ‘Cube. When we’re online as players, we make friends, and every time a user logs on, the time and opportunity is there to bond as friends. And when the community has fun, we have great fun! Users can socialise in a room dedicated to their own country, or say what’s on their mind in our theme based rooms such as the Music room, Sports room, and our Chess Analysis room, or even engage in our 1000+ user strong Cube Café.  It’s so great that we can play against and chat to our neighbours, colleagues and and friends on the Cube, and 5 minutes later be challenging and engaging with someone on the other side of the globe.

The community is lead by a diverse group of Moderators from all over the world.  They’ve put a lot into place with regards to helping everyone and leading the community forward as a whole, and are completely uncompromising about the leadership they offer. These Moderators all share a common goal, and that is to make ChessCube’s community a second home to its users.

The growth in the community has been fantastic. This definitely says that we’re doing something right. And although the basic principle of ChessCube will always remain the same, we are constantly moving forward with new advancements and funtionality. With a user base consisting of over 600 000 users from around the world, we have definitely stepped up to the plate by adapting quickly and reacting to this change quite positively.

Managing ChessCube’s community at this size is challenging, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.