Apr 5 2011

Mobile payments now possible on ChessCube


Mobile Payments by Zong

Courtesy of Zong you can now buy Cubits and Crowns with your mobile phone. Zong has been around for 10 years and operates in over 40 countries worldwide, with 100% carrier coverage in most countries. Enjoy a fast, safe & secure shopping experience using your mobile phone!

To buy using your mobile phone follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the “+ Buy” button at the top of the screen.
Buy button

2. Choose “Mobile” from the list of payment options and click on Continue.
Payment options

3. Choose the Cubit or Crown bundle you want to buy and click on Continue.
Bundle options

4. Choose your carrier and enter your mobile number to receive a secret code. When you are done click on Continue – the secret code is now being sent to your mobile phone.
Payment screen 1

5. Enter the secret code you received in the form. To complete the purchase click on Continue. The charge will appear on your mobile phone bill. (In some countries you will instead be asked to reply to the text message to confirm payment.)
Payment screen 2

For more information you can visit the Zong help page or email [email protected]

Apr 5 2011

Use your f-pawn


We have recently added two new chess training videos, both featuring openings where White makes early use of the f-pawn. These openings are slightly unusual but have at least two advantages for the casual players. First, you’ll be more familiar with the positions than your opponents and have a good chance to outplay them. Second, a mistake in defense can quickly lead to a winning attack for White.

Grand Prix Attack

Grand Prix Attack

In the first video International Master Andrew Martin advocates playing the Grand Prix Attack against the Sicilian Defense. This puts pressure on Black from the outset and contains a lot of poison – a vicious king-side attack often defeats Black.

A great benefit is that this is an easy-to-learn opening which avoids memorizing a lot of moves to counter the Sicilian Defense. There is also something for Black players – a good defensive system is shown against the “premature” 2.f4. For users who want even more there is also the Foxy video on The f4 Sicilian by Grandmaster James Plaskett.

Bird's Opening

Bird's Opening

Next International Master Andrew Martin presents coverage on the unusual Bird’s Opening, which starts with 1.f4. This will appeal to original players who like positions with little theory from where they can outplay their opponent.

Arguably the openings greatest exponent was Grandmaster Bent Larsen, one of the strongest players of his generation. This video will show you how to handle the unusual positions and play an interesting game with good chances of a win.

These videos can be purchased in our web shop for download and offline viewing using our free ChessCube Cinema application. Remember that you also get some great free videos with your ChessCube Cinema download!

Alternatively you can rent them inside ChessCube for instant streaming video and a great deal on the price. After logging in just click on the store menu icon and jump to the video tab.

More info:
General Guide to the Opening: f4 against the Sicilian by IM Andrew Martin
General Guide to the Opening: Bird’s Opening by IM Andrew Martin

Sep 6 2010

In-Application Store launched in ChessCube V5.06


Hi Cubers!

Exciting news coming out of the ChessCube Labs today! With today’s launch of v5.06, you will now find our new in-application store – containing even more backgrounds to make your ChessCube interface more vibrant, plus fantastic chess piece sets to make your playing experience even more exciting.

ChessCube's in-application store

Together with the in-application store, you can also purchase Cubit bundles from within ChessCube. It’s now even simpler and easier to top up your Cubits balance, right from within ChessCube!

Get Cubits from within ChessCube!

We’re really excited to welcome you into the new in-application store, and hope you have fun personalizing your ChessCube experience.

See you soon!
The ChessCube Team

Jun 10 2010

General Guide to the Opening


Did you know that ChessCube has a great video series where International Master Andrew Martin teaches newcomers to the game, as well as beginner players, how to play the opening successfully? This part of the game can often overwhelm players and the goal of this series is to provide a better understanding of the opening so that you can play with

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confidence in your own games. Recently added openings include: the Philidor Defence, Four Knights Opening, Three Knights Opening, Vienna Game, Bishop’s Opening, Danish Gambit and Centre Game. Visit the shop now!

May 29 2010

More new videos…


Eight new shows by IM Andrew Martin as well as Foxy Openings (volume 50): The Torre Attack.


May 14 2010

New videos in the ChessCube Shop


We have added some new videos to the ChessCube Shop!

There are four new Andrew Martin Show videos which feature analysis of the most interesting chess games around the world. This is a great way to improve your general understanding of the game and get exposure to more openings and positions you might not normally play.

We have also released a new and exclusive four-part series on the Ragozin Queen’s Gambit which starts after the following moves: 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.Nc3 Bb4. This is a very interesting and aggressive opening for Black which many of the world’s top players use. Why don’t you join them?

See you on the Cube!