The Online Commonwealth Chess Championships: a great success!


ChessCube, the world leader in online chess tournaments, with over 20,000 tournaments per month, sponsored the 2011 Online Commonwealth Chess Championships. This event ran over nine days, from 26 March to 3 April.

This unique prediksi hk and gambling gamesĀ online series awarded each section winner $1,500 in cash prizes and, in addition, they receive free accommodation and entry into the real-world combined Commonwealth and South African Open Chess Championships. This land-based event, which is not limited to Commonwealth country entrants, will be held at the beautiful Emperors Palace Hotel Casino & Convention Resort in South Africa, where an additional $21,000 in prizes is up for grabs.

There were three groups: above 2200 players, under 2200 and under 1800 rated players. Players who finished from 2nd to 100th positions in each group also won an array of cubit or virtual goods prizes.

Overall there were 9,061 entrants in 426 separate events. Participants were given the option to play in one of the three sections depending on their strength. This worked well in giving the lower-rated players a fantastic opportunity, as well as giving the stronger players a chance to compete. The feedback from the community was very positive over the splitting of the separate groups.

ChessCube’s unique ‘Warzone Chess’ pairing system gives anyone a chance to win one of the groups. Our handicap system includes time, material and scoring advantages for the lower rated players, which could even allow a 1200 to stand a chance of beating the 1700s to win the under 1800 event.

The Warzone pairing system creates a new exciting edge for Internet play, compared to the traditional slow-paced round-by-round Swiss or Round Robin systems. Instead of waiting idly between rounds, your next game starts 2 or 3 seconds after the last one ended. It’s a grueling trial by fire, with one fast-paced match after the next. The handicap system then creates the balance for you – so you can defeat anyone.

With such a big prize at stake, some dishonest players dropped their ratings on purpose in order to compete in a lower section, or to create some advantage in the handicapping system. We used a number of countermeasures to weed out the cheats:

  • We have introduced a well-constructed ‘rating floor’ system, to ensure that so-called ‘sandbaggers’ cannot dump rating points before an event in order to enter a lower category.
  • We used a very high k-factor (which increases rating volatility) in the first few rounds to ensure that player’s ratings settle very quickly into their correct strength.
  • We used XP levels in the final events to ensure that new players coming in with a low rating would not be able to enter or win prizes,
  • Our systems also compared player’s previous history on their account (or related accounts) to ensure that they do not have higher ChessCube ratings.
  • We also require the three winners to submit real world identification and proof of their real world ratings as a final check.

The tournament was an amazing success for ChessCube and we will be hosting many more exciting series in the upcoming months.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
Mark Levitt
ChessCube CEO

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