What a July for ChessCube


Well, we finished off July with over 640,000 registered users. Almost at the 1 million mark! Almost :)

We also keep on improving ChessCube. We’re now on version 3.96 (beta) – and we hope you’ve noticed the improved platform. Fewer disconnects (we hate those too) and faster games. And, it’s gonna keep getting better!

We also launched two new article sections on our blog: Andrew Martin’s regular puzzles (a great way to improve your game), and updates from the WCC.

In July, we were also involved in a chess world-first – FIDE rated online matches in a real world tournament!

So, as we settle into a wintry Cape Town, keep an eye on what is happening on ChessCube in August.ChessCube headquarters with Mark Levitt

ChessCube headquarters with Mark Levitt

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