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Game Clock/Time Problems

PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:08 pm
by Sean
Internet Latency/Lag:

When we see the time moving around, our first assumption is that it is lag/latency related.

It is not your opponent cheating on time. Basically the user (through no fault of their own - it could be their internet connection, your internet connection or the ChessCube server) moves but their move is not received until much later, at which stage the clocks are adjusted to reflect the ACTUAL time that they moved.

If you opponent has had the same time left even after making a lot of moves, he/she might have been pre-moving (playing a move your turn to avoid losing time) so his/her time wouldn't change. (You can also do this during games)

*Note that we have no time penalty for pre-moving: if a player continues to pre-move, they can finish many moves in a row, and their time won't change at all!

Alternatively, you may be playing a game with a time increment (every move they make gives them a time bonus).

If none of these explain answer your question, you may have found a bug. Please send us the game:
1. Click on your avatar, then "My Games";
2. Click into the game with the time problem;
3. Click on the Send Game to a Friend button;
4. Add [email protected] as the email address to send to;
5. Describe what happened, including move number in the message section;
6. Click on Send.

Lag Compensation:

Now active in all games:
One-on-one games or tournaments.

Eliminates unfair situations:
A player with excessive lag could delay tournament rounds for all other players, or delay one-on-one games.

2 Second lag compensation:
If your own lag is more than two seconds per move, then the first two seconds are 'free' but any additional time will be taken off your clock.

Check your own lag:
Look at your lag meter near your clock. If your lag is higher than normal, why not play longer time controls (or with increment) to ensure that your excessive lag does not result in a loss on time.

To summarize what this is:
* We'll only penalize users whose lag is 2000ms or more (the first 2 seconds 'free')
* Anything over and above 2001ms will be penalized against the clock. E.g. if my lag was 2500ms, I'd be penalized with 500ms on that move.

Post by user: chillins101:
Problems that can occur

random time skips on the clock during games
disconnects during games
opponents move, yet your time runs out
you play your move but lose additional time
pauses and stutters during chat

The cause
its possible to have a fantastic top of the range internet connection and still experience these problems, the cause is that the flash plugin uses a lot of the core process and memory and over time eventualy starts to lag.

The solution
fear not, follow these simple tips for lag free games, REFRESH before playing in a tournement or rated games I cannot stress this enough!, dont sit in too many chat rooms while playing rated games, for instance if your in the cube cafe 1000+ at any time, beginners help 600+, and a few other rooms you can imagine the resources this will take from your plugin which over time may cause you to experience lag, so for rated games streamline a little

Additional simple steps
some simple steps to help your games, click your avatar in the top bar, and choose "edit settings" if you like bullet game and warzone games, I suggest you switch your board animations to "off", this will speed up the movement of the pieces, also enable the "autoqueen".
other simple things I am sure everyone knows but I will say them here anyway, dont multitask when playing rated games, i.e. having a download running, and streaming a HD movie while playing a rated game is your choice but you want to win dont you , have a look at your system settings too make sure your PC isnt in the middle of performing an online update.

Post by user: getnid:
How to check your lag

Here is a simple technique to know your approximate lag

Open command prompt

In windows XP open RUN ( START--> RUN ) ,type "CMD" in the run box and press enter.
In windows 7 open START and type "CMD" in the search and press enter.

In the command prompt window, type "ping" and press enter.

" Approximate round trip time in milliseconds" gives the approximate value of your lag.

Feel free to post any clock/time issues or suggestions in this thread. All content will be monitored by the Community and Moderators.


Re: Game Clock/Time Problems

PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2012 8:14 pm
by pabloasturias
Really nice, but.... when I has 0.80ms. to ping server, and chesscube works so bad????? Why I has red connect sometimes when I has 5 mb. frees for the conect everytime???? and refresh every tourney? sometimes to make this bad sofware works right I haver to refresh every 2 matches....... and sometimes it isn`t enougth. I have close all the chat rooms, I have close the home, but this don`t run. I don`t know the problem, but I know that in buho21 or chessbase I haven`t this problems, and I know that never will pay to be angry for your prblems. Really I want to be vip, I understand that we have to pay to have a good place to play, but not for this. CC values the feedbacks......more than 300 feedbacks to explain problems with time or moves, and noone answer, noone.