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ChessCube Tournament related content

We are aware that users might experience issues in ChessCube Tournaments at times. We will evaluate reports and tournament game history and if a bug or other problem made you unfairly lose a game, you may request a refund here:


Note, refund requests are based on our refund policy which is mention on the page above.

Feel free to post any Tournament bugs, comments or suggestions in this thread. All content will be monitored by the Community and Moderators.




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Re: ChessCube Tournament related content

No, i didnt loose anything. Just to you be aware about the problem. The tournament ChessU1800Free took in time at least 1:30 h to be conclude because it's too slow to start each round.



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Re: ChessCube Tournament related content

When playing VIP sit & go round-robin tournament I wanted to look at the other player's games in progress. How do I do that?

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