ChessCube V6 Launched!




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Re: ChessCube V6 Launched!

Hello sean,We all had a link which is of a screen of old version which is useful to help others, viewtopic.php?f=12&t=46 ,that is the link for the screen for older one,Shall we have a screenshot for this one too..?

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Re: ChessCube V6 Launched!

Sean wrote:Friends bar moved from the bottom of the application - and added as a friends list on the left panel (Big request from the ChessCube Community).
My initial note is that I can no longer see my friend's good looks all the time. :D I just have a question, though, but not that important: where do the CC community express their big request about removing the friends list from view? I thought that was in this forum.. (or is there an old forum?)

The good thing about beta is you can still use the old version. :D Thanks CC for giving us a chance to share our views before any upcoming changes.

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