How can i analyse my games?




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How can i analyse my games?

in order to learn from my mistakes, can i replay my games? can I download them to analyze them in a chess program? is ther a way to get my game looked at and commented on?



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Re: How can i analyse my games?


When your games are played, they are stored. You could view your past games by clicking on your avatar top of the chesscube application screen and selecting "View game history".

Select a game by entering it in order to get its PGN or just replaying and going through the game itself. Inside the selected game; You will find an envelope like icon that says "copy game to clipboard (PGN)" select that and copy pgn, you will then be able to paste it in your chess engine if you wish to analyse your game by pressing ctrl+v.

More options are available to our subscribers regarding pgn; Please have a look in our VIP member package: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=673

If you need further assistance, please do contact me; here, or online http://www.chesscube.com/play/app/




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Re: How can i analyse my games?

I didnt like the fact that it doesnt let me see the game I played today without being on level 7..For christ sake,I just joined..So,I need to gain more xp before I can see my game history..Silly!

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