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Re: Forum Rankings


I hope this would help.

please go to this link. New Level system Information 1-300 here.

Hi Everyone!

This is the all new ChessCube XP/Level system! We've changed it from Levels 1-25 with rewards up to level 6, to Level 1-300, with rewards up to level 300!

NOTE: All previous levels have been changed to the new system. We will not backtrack on awards - i.e. if you were previously level 18 and now jumped to level 122 in the new system, you will not receive the awards for level 1-122.

Fly through the levels with the 2x XP multiplier of a ChessCube VIP account and be the first to reach Level 300!

You get XP by performing actions on ChessCube:
Completing your profile (register)
Playing a rated game (irrespective of the result)
Playing in tournaments
Getting your rating past the next '100' level, e.g. from 1400's - 1500's (once-off per level)
Getting your rating above 2000 (once-off)
Beating a player 100+ rating points above you
Finishing in the top 3 in a tournament
Adding more friends
Here is what you can unlock through the levels of the Cube.
* Note that all features and shop unlocks (features = non Cubit/Background/Sound Pack/Piece Set/VIP rewards) below are available to VIP members immediately!
Remember, the Cubit awards are a once off award.



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Re: Forum Rankings

Good evening,

Dang sorry to tell you that that is just for xp points for playing games and for the game playing part, for the forum what it matters is the number of post you have submit.

For instance you are a pawn until 50 post where you become a knight, then at 100 you become a bishop I suppose that at 200 or 250 you are a rook and at 500 posts you become a queen, I am not too sure but I would believe that you need around 1000 to get to be a king although I am tno too sure about this.

Regards Xabier.


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Re: Forum Rankings

And after king? :-| :-|



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Re: Forum Rankings

At 250 a rook



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Re: Forum Rankings

minichess wrote:And after king? :-| :-|

I think the king goes on you are a king after 1000 posts as well as after 5000 posts. I think so am not sure

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