Help changing E-mail




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Help changing E-mail

Hi, I have a problem my user name is zoso-yu, and i forgot my password. The problem is I can't reset my password because mail wich is registered with my account zoso-yu, [email protected] doesen't exist anymore (because it was my mail when I used adsl, when I started using cable my new mail is [email protected]. The point is I forgot to save my e-mails from my old mail account [email protected] and therfore I can't reset my password). My new e-mail is [email protected] Can you link my account zoso-yu to my new mail [email protected]? Thank you very much!



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Re: Help changing E-mail

hi CC admin, why does the validation email to my account event you ask me to [and i did it] resent many times there were not exist on my mail????.... can you fixed the problem?? ... oyea, theres one more issue, is CC [chesscube] application no more joint with FB??... many thanks

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