Post Thu Feb 11, 2016 8:14 am

Re: Cheat Stopping! Answers on common cheat questions

I am having a problem with chesscube that adminsnreally need to address. 90% of all the people I play cheat. They dont use programs. They lag you or get you disconnected. I have played a game only to be diconnected one move begore mate. I just played a 2200, have a completely devastating move to do, only to have my app freeze.

One time I played a good game against a 2200, all the way until I had mate in one, with 45 sec to go, rhwn my app just stopped.responding. I lost that game. I have had instances when I beat someone in a game, they request a rematch, and when I am dumb enough to agree, we play like 20 moves, and when I gain an upper edge in the game, my app freezes and I lose.

This is mot.acceptable. It doeant sound nice to say it, but there are cheats on chesscube who will either lag others or somehow get them disconnected simply to make sure that they win.

It looks like chess cube has vulnerabilities which are known and being exploited to either time people out, or make the app freeze.

Basically, I can not win a game on chesscube. In a winning position, either the app freezes long enough to ensure I time out, or freezes so I have to close it and lose the game. This only happens when I am winning. Usually players over 2100 seem to be doing this to me.

Its gotten bad enough, I simply dont play at chess cube any more. There is another site that seems to have the same problem, but i know two rather good.sites that never.ever.disconnect me. So this has to do with chesscube and the software, and nothing to do with my phone, computer or internet.

I hope you guys get around to fixing that. Ita been a problem for a long time and it is getting endemic and making chesscube a nightmare as a site to pkay in.