Post Sun Jan 23, 2011 3:52 am

What are ChessCube Cubits?

What is it?
Cubits are ChessCube’s virtual currency, which can be used to enter a ChessCube Tournament, play a wagered Chess match against other ChessCube users, or purchase items in the ChessCube store

What can it be used for?
To purchase items in the ChessCube Store, to play wagered games, and to enter ChessCube Tournaments.

Where can I see how many Cubits I have?
When online (at play): Your Cubits are displayed in the top left of the application, next to the Cubit coin.

How do I get Cubits?

• Directly purchasing Cubits using your Credit Card or Paypal account
• Using your mobile phone to purchase Cubits through Zong
• Taking up and offer through Offerpal
• Playing in ChessCube Tournaments and finishing in a Cubit prize position
• Winning Cubits against another user in a Cubit Wager game
• Logging in daily
• Playing in your first ChessCube Tournament
• Inviting your friends to ChessCube via email

I need more Cubits! Where can I buy more?
You can get more ChessCube Cubits inside the application by clicking on the "buy" button at the top of the page.

How much do Cubits cost?
5,000 Cubits for only $5
10,500 Cubits for only $10
22,000 Cubits for only $20
57,000 Cubits for only $50
116,000 Cubits for only $100