Post Sun Jan 23, 2011 4:07 am

ChessCube's Lag Compensation

Now active in all games:
One-on-one games or tournaments.

Eliminates unfair situations:
A player with excessive lag could delay tournament rounds for all other players, or delay one-on-one games.

2 Second lag compensation:
If your own lag is more than two seconds per move, then the first two seconds are 'free' but any additional time will be taken off your clock.

Check your own lag:
Look at your lag meter near your clock. If your lag is higher than normal, why not play longer time controls (or with increment) to ensure that your excessive lag does not result in a loss on time.

To summarize what this is:
* We'll only penalize users whose lag is 2000ms or more (the first 2 seconds 'free')
* Anything over and above 2001ms will be penalized against the clock. E.g. if my lag was 2500ms, I'd be penalized with 500ms on that move.