Still unsure? Post all general ChessCube questions here




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Re: Still unsure? Post all general ChessCube questions here

Sean wrote:You can simply post your question here, no need for a topic change - though you are welcome to change the subject if you wish.
I am monitoring this thread closely, and will reply as soon as possible to any question posted here. It should be a "Question"-"Answer"-"Question"-"Answer" thread. However, if it becomes obvious that there are more questions about one particular aspect of ChessCube, then I'll split out posts to a separate thread dedicated to that particular question type.


Moving a piece by dragging mouse is sometimes difficult and time consuming in blitz. why cannot chesscube make a setting as pieces are moved by just mouse clicking. some chess sites use this setting. why cant chesscube? it will be easy for players not to have a 'mouse slip' while dragging



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Re: Still unsure? Post all general ChessCube questions here

Error unavailable when pressing "Play" tab, internet connection is fine, any ideas.



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Re: Still unsure? Post all general ChessCube questions here

I'm logged in on the site but whenever I try play it says "Welcome Guest"



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Re: Still unsure? Post all general ChessCube questions here

I can't log onto chesscube...



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Re: Still unsure? Post all general ChessCube questions here

When I load chesscube it just stays on 27%
i have refreshed many times but the pictures change and just stays there
what do i do?



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Re: Still unsure? Post all general ChessCube questions here

As of 2/11/2011; Logging problems should be fixed by now.

If you have further login issues please contact me.




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Re: Still unsure? Post all general ChessCube questions here

How do you calculate 1.chesscube tiebrake that is use for exemple in Vhesscube open free tournament??


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Re: Still unsure? Post all general ChessCube questions here

Good day,

@Tantal: at warzone's, I suppose that the open you mean is the warzone at 00:15 GMT. TB1 > TB2 > TB3 > TB4. this means that if you have better TB1 to another person with same score you will be place up to him. No matter what TB2 or any other are.

TB1 is games you have played in the tournament.
TB2 is your highest winning streak.
TB3 is the average rating that your oponents have had.
Lastly TB4 is the last win you have got in day-time, the hour + the minute you have won your last game.

In normal tournaments with 4 rounds the tie break is calculated the next way. Although I am not too sure about this one. After playing some tournaments I think it is based on the score your oponents have had. This means that if you win in all the rounds but your oponents have just had 1 or 0 score in the four rounds and if some other have 4 score points as well. The other person will have better tie break than you.
Moreover, if you lose a game against the first and then win 3 games against other people who scored high aswell you have a good chance to end in top 3 places of the tournament.

Lastly in round robin tournaments:
You play everyone and the tiebreak is the score your oponents have. This means if you have beaten a person with score 4 you will have and score of + 4 and losing does not take any point away from you. Practically this means that if there are two people who scored 4 out of posible 5. The one that won in the battle between themself will win the tournament while the one who has lost will be second.

I hope this helps a bit.

Regards Xabier.



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Re: Still unsure? Post all general ChessCube questions here

Hi all moderatos,
My problem is here for three months and so far it has not been solved. Whenever I try to log in from my PC (Computer) it stops on 100% and doesn't move on. Sansen Said me two months ago what should I do and i did all. Here is the list of thing I have done:
1. Changed browser (doesn't work)
2. Cleared all history (doesn't work)
3. Refreshed hundred times and waited for hours (doesn't work)
4. Restarted PC million times (doesn't work)
5. Restarted modem- turned it off, waited 5 minutes, pluged out telephone cabels and all sean told me... (doesn't work)
6.Changed IP address
7. Rebooted whole system!!! First crashed XP to install Windows 7, then again crahsed Windows 7 to install XP again (doesn't work)
8. And finally bought whole new modem, all new cabels, and changed from LAN to WLAN and even that didn't help!

i`ve done all these things on my PC, but whener i open chesscube from my dad's laptop from same IP adress, same house, same connection, and there i can enter cc ?!? :think: :think: :think:

So i consulted PC expert, guy that knows almost everything. He was shocked when he heard that nothing helped. And he finally found conclusion and said me my SID is banned?! And I can't enter it from PC. I want to know is this true? And if is can it be solved? And why was it banned? Please help. I am looking forward to hear from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours faithfully,


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Re: Still unsure? Post all general ChessCube questions here


Your ISP may have all the ports open on their end - however you could have a setting in your modem/router, or in your within your anti-virus, or within your Windows Firewall - or a clogged up DNS. Any of these could essentially be causing the issue. I suspect the issue could be because of a software conflict, and will give you a guideline on disabling certain programs using MSConfig.

Important: Disabling third-party System Services and Startup Items can prevent some software or OEM hardware on your computer from working correctly. For example, this can affect the CD/DVD control buttons on portable computers or prevent wireless keyboards and mice from functioning. If you are already using the Selective Startup option in Windows, you will need to keep track of which items you disable and re-enable so after performing this troubleshooting, you can get your computer back to the way it was. Selecting Normal Startup may enable items that you were not using, and could cause issues.

Please follow the instructions I've drawn up for you here. Once complete, please test logging on to ChessCube.com.
If you like, you can buy me a coffee for my next break. Donate BTC as a thanks for this post - it goes a long way! :)
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