Banned for "sandbagging" lmfao.




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Banned for "sandbagging" lmfao.

I was banned for apparently "Sandbagging" why? because i beat a 2000+ rated player ONE time, because he RESIGNED. Lmfao..... Are you kidding me? Look me up on chess [dot]-com- if you want to, under the same user name and you will be quite suprised that im about 880 rated there..... Ive been playing chess for 3months or so. And this is absolutely ludicrous that when some high rated player cries because he got forked, the lower rated player gets banned........



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Re: Banned for "sandbagging" lmfao.

see this : viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1093
if you are 100% sure you did not do any of these, send email to [email protected]

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