I'm unable to move any pieces



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I'm unable to move any pieces

We are aware of this bug and working on fixing it.

If it happens again, click on your opponent's last move (in the move list on the game-chat screen) then you should be able to move.

If this does not work or there was some other problem, please send us the game:
1. Click on your avatar, then "My Games";
2. Click into the game with the where you had problems moving;
3. Click on the Send Game to a Friend button;
4. Add [email protected] as the email address to send to;
5. Describe what happened, including move number in the message section;
6. Click on Send.

Feel free to discuss any bugs, comments or suggestions in this thread. All content will be monitored by the Community and Moderators.




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Re: I'm unable to move any pieces

My last move in a game with zvizur in Bullet 223071 tourny on 6th Oct13, was stuck when trying to shortcastle my king on kingside, but ended moving one square to f1 after a difficult time getting stuck on that move. This cost me the game as my king was placed in position for opponent's knight to fork king and queen, damn !
It could be possible that opponent who gained tremendously from this problem has something to do with it. Plz check if he has caused similar situations to others as well. If thats the case, then he is hacking the system or abusing it to his advantage.

PS: There is no lag possible at that time because I had just refreshed my browser before the game. Moreover, in next few games, I did not experience any stuck move situations; so I am very suspicious why it happened only in that game, and opponent had alot to gain from it.

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