Information about CC Help rooms




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Information about CC Help rooms

Help rooms were designed mainly to help new and existing users on how to navigate and function on their chesscube application. If you have any queries regarding chesscube you should head to one of these rooms, we supply two:
  • Help-Beginners
  • Help
We as moderators will guide you to our best knowledge on how to operate or whom to speak with regarding an issue you have whether its a bug or a simple "how to add a specific username to your friend list", as well as updating you with any information needed. Mods are there to help and guide you.

Many users wonder why they get either removed or muted in help rooms.What we consider not appropriate in addition to our terms & conditions in help rooms is consistent chat between different users, even if you haven't been offensive, as mentioned; these rooms where made mainly to guide and help users, so we only recommend questions related to chesscube to avoid flooding and going off-topic. As an alternative, you could chat in either cube cafe or any respected country room.

Please make sure to check the topic of the help room before asking your question, we sometimes post updates regarding an issue we have from time to time.

If you have further questions please email us at [email protected], or just speak to a moderator online.

We hope we could address all your questions.



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Re: Information about CC Help rooms

Can you put second full screen again? Thanks...



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Re: Information about CC Help rooms

I'm helping out in the helprooms consistently now.



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Re: Information about CC Help rooms

Ah help rooms are very helpful :dance: :clap:

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