Reducing in Game Mouse Slips




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Reducing in Game Mouse Slips

I have been playing online chess on other websites for the past few months. I am new to Chess Cube, and I've found myself amazed at how well organized this site is and at all the chess benefits and features it provides. My one suggestion involves in game play. On other sites, a player is able to move a piece by either clicking, dragging and dropping it OR by clicking (thereby highlighting and selecting that piece) and then clicking on the desired square for the piece to be placed upon (no dragging required). I believe that being able to click to select and click to place would greatly reduce in-game mouse slips, speed up the rate at which accurate moves can be made, and increase the overall level of satisfaction that Chess Cube's game play has to offer. Thanks for Reading.



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Re: Reducing in Game Mouse Slips

you can try to send this feedback via mail to [email protected] or from feedback inside the app.I am saying this as feedbacks as these are clearly seen in the bunch of topics.



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Re: Reducing in Game Mouse Slips

good idea

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