Typical rip-off




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Typical rip-off

Chesscube is not better, than any other paying chess portal. First (about 2-3 months ago) they give you 100 cubits if you login, than after a while this slowly decreases to 25 (now). If you play simple games, the wager is reduced by about 16%, this goes directly back to chesscube. At the same time the entry fee for tournaments increases, and the number and amount of prizes is gradually reduced. Winning of crowns? Impossible, since there are very few tournaments where you can do it. At least the GUI is not bad, but the many advertisements are annoying and why the hell is the "log out" button hidden? So to conclude, setting up chesscube was a "great" job by the marketing department: bait the people and cash out when enough costumers are aboard. Pathetic. But why am I complaining? Because for a moment, I thought this portal will be different...



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Re: Typical rip-off

this post must be a joke :) Are u expecting someone to pay u for playing at their site? They created environment where you can play chess and socialize for free and you are complaining about size of a gift ?!? When it comes to crowns , I believe most people still play chess coz they enjoy it and not to win something, so I dont see where they ripping them off. GUI is the best one out there , and i cant see myself playing on a portal that looks like from different century. And for a logout button , its only click away or u can just close browser window. Nobody is going to raid your bank account if u stay logged in...

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