Post Thu Jun 09, 2011 8:19 pm

Custom Tournament Setup

Hello guys, a few weeks ago i contacted Chesscube Admins and requested a custom room for our website. From there i could host tournaments for my friends. Thats what I'm told.

I was chatting with Rosie (a ChessCube representative) and she was quite helpful. I'm saying was, because suddenly she disappeared. I assume she is on a vacation. Because we are burning here at over 40 centigrades :)

So my question is could anyone from Chesscube Admins help me to host a 3+0 tournament this Saturday?
I'll also need to host 1+0 tournament Sunday.

Both same time 9 pm at EEST

Warm regards.

Notes: My site is: (We already have a custom room named Izmir'de Satranc)