In-App Store Improvements




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In-App Store Improvements

Since we can no longer use our hard-earned cubits at http://www.chesscube.com/shop, our only option for spending them is in the in-app store. However, there is no easy way to browse that content. We can only scroll left and right through an increasingly large catalogue. Supposing we want to find out more about a video before deciding to rent it ... we cannot get any further information. From the "box" shots and their titles many of the videos are indistiguishable in content. How should I decide between "A General Guide to the Opening - Vol 17" and "A General Guide to the Opening - Vol 18"? For more information we have to go to the address mentioned above.

In short, I'd like to see ...

(1) Filter/search options (by title, author, level, stage of game, price bands and/or price <= cubit/crown balance).
(2) The ability to click or hover to get more detail on a particular title.




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Re: In-App Store Improvements

Agree 100 % 8-( I hope you have read this post. Please improve the in-app store, especially the video section.

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