Post Wed Jun 22, 2011 3:07 pm

Proudly South African

I just got myself VIP simply because Chesscube is awesome! At first I didn't want to get it, I mean 399 Crowns is a lot for a student! But after the email from Mark yesterday I couldn't wait to get to a pc so that I can get VIP! I'm supporting Chesscube! Now you can keep the site in a better condition, fix all the errors etc.. etc...

But I've been thinking. I would like to see Chesscube using South-African servers and stuff. The reason be that just as I want to support you guys I'd like you to support other South-African companies. I'd really like to see my money stay in SA, and not enrich some American company.

You obviously (hopefully) have decent reasons for using the servers you are using. But my point is (valid or not) I would be more...generous if I knew that my money would be used and spent in SA, growing our own economy. :-d

I can't find any other place to post this, hope this is the right spot...
I don't have a really, I don't.