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Have your say about ChessCube.com

Hello everyone!

This thread is here to invite you all to give feedback about ChessCube.com - and in it you are able to provide the 5 features you most love about us, as well as the 5 features you're not that fond of.

It's an open forum, so have your say!



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

Likes : -

1. Chat (My Best rooms Cube cafe, silly room , Help beginner "For watching questions ") :-d
2. Watch game {When i get bored watching game is best for me } =d
3. New Forum Section (It has become a New place for me to work on chess ) :dance:
4. Play and shop (Variation of type and time althou variations are less because it is in starting stage and the videos are really good ) :clap:
5. Tournaments (As people play there best in the tournaments . Mostly i love warzones . i m not playing it for a long time because of my net problem . ) :violin:

Dislikes :-

1. Delete account (We cant delete our account. I know Its not chesscube fault but i dont love that ) (6)
2. Level/ Xp (As i dont bother about how many levels i m in ) :shifty:
3. Cash out ( A good feature for others but for me its no use . i dont say it is bad just its not for me ) :think:
4. Still i get friend request when the person is blocked :naughty:
5. Insight and audio/video chat (Not in used for me from the first date) :-|

These are MY likes and dislikes .. :dance:
Thank you

With Regards


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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

i love.....

1. the warzone and auto-tourneys in general
2. local rooms (mine is Philippine room) and the chat room environment as a whole
3. maximum chess board size
4. the currency system - crowns and cubits in general
5. the new modding system compared to previous versions

i don't like....

1. no searching in game history (already created feedback before)
2. the home page (doesn't have a real use for me..)
3. unregister in a tourney (have created a feedback before about alternatives in unregistration)
4. --
5. --
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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com


1. The videos provided for members, they really are useful!

2. The tournament system!! ( Real good! )

3. The way the board's colours can be changed. :dance:

4. The separate ratings for tournaments and general games.

5. The new leader-boards! :)


1. Chesscube should be more chess-oriented than the external features, it should focus on improving people's games.

2. 'Cash-out' - Money + chess is NOT a good combination. (A)

3. The current rating system which combines bullet with blitz and general, these ratings do NOT tell us the actual chess skill of a person.

4. The friend list which cannot be arranged it alphabetical order! Am i supposed to know all my friends rating to search for their profile? ( P.S. - The 'Find friends' button can be used, but and option for arranging the list alphabetically would be better :) )

5. Hate the way only 5 likes are asked :P :P

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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

The things i like about chesscube
1) excellent interface
2) different tournaments
3) good videos

Thing i don't like
1) there is no way to find a game through your game history. But there is not hard to find ideas to use. It can be user's comments about his/her own game, finding game played with specified user, or finding game depending on moves
2) game analyser for premium user became worse. When i started to use it for the first time, it was able to analyse all your game. Now it is useless after 5 -7 moves.


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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

  1. user interface - fully functional chess client that you can use without downloading software, so can play wherever you are
  2. chat everywhere - most social chess website
  3. game play smoothness - nice, crisp movements so that it is fun to play (latest additions of maximum lag and move-to-premove have really enhanced this)
  4. Always looking to innovate with ideas like warzone, doubling cube, cubits, SNG tournaments - brings in fresh new angles to playing chess
  5. Truly international site with thriving communities from many countries

  1. Some long-term bugs that have so been hard to isolate and fix, like the lost-move bug
  2. Engine-cheaters - more a problem with online chess in general, but because ChessCube allows free play by anyone, a lot more of these losers show up because they have nothing to lose than if ChessCube was a paid-only site
  3. Bad-sports - who either insult you or run after swindling games - more a problem with the Internet in general, where users can behave like idiots and think they can get away with it
  4. Needs to have support for i-Devices or other mobile OSs, so users without Flash can still play
  5. That it is not the top online chess site by now - the functionality and community is so much better than almost anywhere else, but for some reason we don't see as many people online as one might expect; maybe a case of having more features, more marketing, even more stable servers and interface.


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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

May I go too? :)

Alright, my most favorite things about ChessCube:
  • The great community and friendship between our users is second to none. The way I see it, this is what ChessCube is all about. A worldwide community coming together to share a common passion, the love for playing Chess.
  • The ease of game play, and at the same time, realizing that it’s so great that we can play against and chat to our neighbours, colleagues and and friends on the Cube, and 5 minutes later be challenging and engaging with someone on the other side of the globe.
  • The award winning interface is absolutely stunning! The ability to change the interface, i.e. your background, your piece set, your board colors - and making it yours, is an absolutely wonderful feature!
  • ChessCube Crowns! Where else can you do what you love doing in your spare time and get paid for it? :-d.
  • Warzone Chess is out of this world! The addition of handicaps, doubling cubes, scoring systems etc make it so much more fun, and adds a completely new dimension to the game. I recall my first Warzone event on ChessCube.com, with my position in the leaderboard around the same as a player rated 500 points MORE than me! I was playing against players who would usually never accept my challenge, and it's a great honor having the opportunity to do so, while having a real shot at beating them!
I can actually go on and on about everything I love about ChessCube.com!

  • No correspondence chess. I would love to see correspondence chess on ChessCube at some point. As much as I love live chess, it's still fun playing a long game at my own leisure =D
  • The cheats and abusers - who attempts to destroy the great community ChessCube has already built up. Chess is a gentleman's game, yet there are users who find joy in cheating their opponents out of rating points, or just being completely out of control with verbal abuse.
  • Limited info on your opponents and friends. I'd like to have the ability to see user's stats and games at the click of a button. It's good knowing who I'm going to be up against!
  • The lack of complete user profile messaging! I'm sure most would agree that a "Facebook" style wall or messaging service would be very cool.
  • As the monkey above me said, mobility would be a great feature, and I'd love ChessCube to venture into the mobile world, creating apps for iOS/Droid etc devices.
It's hard to find anything bad in something you're so fond of, and I hope my dislikes are seen as constructive critism (A).
Forza ChessCube.com!



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

Let me jump in too..

What I like most about Chesscube from top to bottom:

  1. Nothing related to chess :P; The first thing I like most about the site is its the most social chess website on the internet that I have seen, with the option of many country and miscellaneous rooms. I love the community more than playing chess
  2. Site organisation, how the interface is, how user friendly it is to navigate through.
  3. The regular updates to the the site; Don't all of us like to see new stuff from time to time, and at some how a quick pace.
  4. The ease of game play; The board size with the ability to change set pieces and board color, whilst also giving an additional option of a 10+1sec time control which i believe sites don't have.
  5. The wagering of cubits; I like the fact that this is introduced, gives somewhat a meaning to the game and a unique idea
  6. Being innovative with ideas, and with the introduction of Warzone chess

What I don't like most about chesscube from top to bottom:

  1. Not having it on mobile phones
  2. Heavy interface, and crashes often
  3. Warzone tournaments; I like the idea of warzone tournaments being introduced, but I believe it should be in a specific rating range, I'm not motivated to join warzone tournaments when yet mostly the high rated players get to the top.
  4. Other chess variations, would love to see those around some day
  5. A mod ability; Not being able to delete certain inappropriate texts, instead sometimes a smiley room sweep is implemented
  6. No Group private chat invites
  7. The insight feature, not properly functioning
  8. Inability to view other users games and stats
  9. Removal of the "About me" section in my profile

Thats about it I guess, but before leaving this post to you, I just want to say; I love chesscube.



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

Hi Everyone .. :)

I guess there is not much to say after all what i read at the previous Comments .. but i'd say
1. Most thing i love about ChessCube.com is the Social Part of it :) .. and that you can both "Chat" & play chess" with people from all over the world
2. The Way ChessCube.com developes itself. I knew This Website about 3 years ago but with another Username and it really changed alot to the better at both Technical side and social one.
3. Ratings are really much closer to the Real one than other Chess Websites.
4. Communiations with Moderators is very friendly and way much easier than other Chess Websites.
5. Number of joiners is increasing very well :)

1. Well, its hardly to forget about the bug of losing moves where you keep waiting for your opponent to move while its your turn.
2. Cheating which i think is already solved, from what i see in Chat Rooms Presented by "System" in Red.
3. Time Lag Differences, i think can not be solved since it depends on each players connection vs his opponent, Yet the good news is what chesscube launched few months ago .. showing up the Lag of each player in "ms" calculated after the first move played. Which can be considered as a warning that you still can Abort the game without losing points, since only one move is played :)

At last i really wish Chesscube.com more Success to have more fun talking to people and playing healthy good chess.



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

I just want to say that I like chesscube. From what I've seen it seems better than the other sites in terms of look and feel, navigation and overall playing experience. I've been on several other chess sites and feel the cube is the best. I'm glad that chesscube caters to the free crowd. Eventually freeloaders may convert to paying, sometimes sooner, sometimes slower. I hope chesscube is profitable enough to satisfy the shareholders, whoever they may be.

What I like about chesscube has everything to do with the programming and design. I amassed enough cubits through successful wagers that I bought the Condal chess set, which I really like, and the Funk sound effects, and the dark crimson background. I like being able to customize my view that way. I think the Condal set is the best one by far. I definitely feel that 2-D is the way to go with online chess. I have some difficulty manipulating 3-D sets and feel that 2-D is more appealing visually.

I also like the fact that the admins are moderate and not quick to ban people for odd reasons. I do support the no-cheating rule. It is sad that people feel the need to use a chess program in order to win dirty, just to flatter their ego or whatever. I don't know how to solve that problem, but it is a pernicious one that threatens the game that I love to play.

Unfortunately, I think due to the risk of cheaters, many higher-rated players avoid long games nowadays and play blitz chess, which does nothing for instruction. I like to watch other people's games, but at ten minutes, even the better players do not often play in a manner that will teach or inspire. There are probably some exceptions to that generalization.

I like long games, which may be out of step with current trends, which again are motivated mainly by the cheat-risk. Despite the risk of cheating, I still like long games. If I lose to cheaters, well then, that's just too bad, but on the other hand, I am exercising my brain, and they are achieving nothing. It seems to me, I come out ahead, even if I lose, whereas all they get in return are rating points and bragging rights. Let them brag. In the long run they are just wasting their own time and not gaining anything, unless that is, there are stakes (wagers) involved, which does change the scenario.

Here's what I'd like to see on ChessCube very much: more options for medium-long games. There is quite a jump between 15 minutes and 25 + 10. How about 15 + 15, 20 + 10, 30 + 10, and 40 + 10? Note that these options are still less than the longest game (60 min). The option to add 10 to 15 seconds for each move is great, because it avoids sudden death, which frequently robs a hard-working chessplayer of a well-deserved victory. Of the above suggestions, if I could just pick one time parameter to be added, it would be 15 + 15, which is short, but provides some protection from sudden death.

Another thing I would like to see in Chesscube is more sound effects options. The only ones that seem at all pleasant are Funk and the default. The others are not really appealing in my opinion. Sound effects are pretty important, but sounds that resemble a video game or action movie probably are not the best choice for someone who is deep in concentration trying to find the best moves.

Third on my wish list would be an ability to view all active games. Currently, by looking at Live Games in the Cube Cafe, this is just about possible, but some people exit Cube Cafe or don't want to log into it. Users should be allowed not to log into a chatroom if they don't want to. I know Cube Cafe seems to be mandatory. But I like watching higher-ranked players play long games, because it is sometimes instructive, especially in regards openings.

Hope this helps!

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