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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

AlvaroMCA wrote:I CANT LOG IN :( ive been tryin to log in 2 hours already... it wont load in the interface...

Problem is your Internet connection. Also possible computer settings, you just have to wait as long as it takes. If you have MS operating system, try restore to previous time when all was fine.



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

I love everything about CC just great!! :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:



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I dont like :
- i cant share my games with others ...
- it still uses flash ..
- i need to have cubits to play games ..
- too many cheaters (if you move to html5 i think there will be not so many cheaters)
- it does not have an application for android

I like
-User Interface



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

ChessCube is the best chess club in world world. But why, we cannot zoom in or out chesscube page? :think:


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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

Hello Sean , i am a chesscube routine user since feb 2010 and i joined it as a beginner with a rating of 950, from that day till now chesscube has been my only resource of chess, where i spend daily 3,4,5 hours, interesting thing is the fact that wheresoever else i tried to play chess other than chesscube , i didnt liked that, simply because , i started with the best !!!
things i love the most about chesscube are
1. friendly environment with so many rooms
2. live games of top players and other users
3. vip with sit n go tourneys (free :D )
4. beautiful backgrounds with sounds ( i wish one day we get customizable backgrounds as well :pray: :pray: :pray: )
5. friends with voice n video chat option

Things that i dont like 'that much'

1. no xp for unrated games :@
2. display pic is not adjustable (to view)( i never knew whats the best resolution pic that i should upload :doh: :doh: :doh: )

:) thanks
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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

Chesscube is so bad, I have a lot of problems with this place, the pieces slug, I move but my time still running, I move and hes time run , but I lose for time when he din`t move, sometimes I need more than 3 sec. after a pre-move.....At first I think it was my conect or my computer, but when I see everything is O.K.( 5 mb. free every time, 0.80mss. ping to server, and no too much use for computer or ram) Now I know that the problems are from CC ( maybe bad sofware or small server), I have send more than 300 feedbacks to explain this things, and noone answer........I think you must learn from other places like Buho21 or chessbase, where I can play at 1 min. and have enough time, here, sometimes 3 min. aren`t enougt. I like the warzones, but not to be angry every macth. I tough that maybe VIP don`t has this problems, and I was vip and is the same......Nobody will pay for this, to pay are places that run much better.



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

- I love the community!! People are so friendly, I think that's result of you people that were always there to solve problems. I remember at the very beggining I had a problem and CC people listened carefully and helped me. Recently I needed help with the avatar, and CC people were there. Simply awesome!
- I love the interface!! ChessCube Interface is so clean and you can customize almost everything! Just think there could be more sound items XD
- The warzone tourneys give me the adrenalin I need for the right time. These are vicious, ferocious tourneys I always love to play!
- I love to be in the forums and help people in need, and also do this at the help channel. There's always someone to help anywhere we need, at any time. Wonderful!!
- Finally, the facebook game-posting feature IS THE BOSS!!! AHAHAH it's so cool to be proud of a game and share it with facebook friends. YEAH!

- I don't like when the tourney games don't start. This gives me the headacke, specially when I'm in a nice position at a tourney and need to be fast. That should have an improvement.
- I think tournament average ratings should be pretty much specified, limited to a 100 rating array only, not 200.
- I miss the times when tournament prizes were given to 10 people, not only 3. Yes, there still are tourneys which give this, but in a very reduced number nowadays.
- There should be contests more often. You people are VERY GOOD at that and it'd make people to love you even more :dance:
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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

what i like about cc
>>i like chesscube because this website r different than any chess website that i ever went..

but there is aldo that i didnt really like..
the most thing that i dislke in chesscube is..
>> we cant copy and paste in chat room and etc <<.
..i hope chesscube can make an action......



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube

its a good site for playing chess ,chatting, but many bugs are present.that is the only dislike,




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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

very good site
and has such a good anti_cheats policy

congratulations to site admins and moderators!!!

:text-thankyouyellow: Sean for such a wonderfull site :) :)

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