Post Mon Jul 04, 2011 12:01 am

50 moves rule...

during a game, after 40 moves i came in a certain draw position,
so i asked my opponent to draw, but he refused. So we keeped on playing for a while, obviously with no evolution on the board.
I asked to draw again, but my opponent keeped on refusing since he had an higher elo, and a couple of minutes more than me on the clock. We keeped on playing without any capture or pawn moves for about 90 annoying moves, I keeped on asking to draw but he keeped on refusing my draw proposals trying to win on time.

According to the 50 moves rule after 50 "useless" moves it should not be needed a draw for agreement, it should be enough that one of the players just claim for it...

I think that unfair behaviour like this could compromise tournament match, so I decided to report the event...
hoping it can be usefull and improve this fantastic site