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When playing its annoying to see ads keep popping up. Especially if you are trying to look at the game history. And the whole ad completely takes out teh ability to chat with your opponent.


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Re: Disable Ad

Good evening,

I have never seen that, maybe it is due to being vip, I do not really know, if it is not the cause will be fixed if it is due to being a vip you can get vip here: http://www.chesscube.com/vip/

Vip's have many advantages, and you can look at all your history and any history you want to look, thus you can search quite ok for a game.

Have a nice day

Regards Xabier.



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Re: Disable Ad

Agreed. I dont dont have a problem with adds, as they help generate revenue for the website, but they shouldnt pop up and hide information, a bit annoying. They should be on the side out of the way somewhere for people who are interested in the product advertised.
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