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Play/App taking too long to load

hello everyone,

I have been using chesscube for over two years and getting into the main website with live games is a long wait of about 20 minutes every time.So i just wanted to know that is that normal and if it is can anyone please let me know any possible way to reduce this loading time or any way to by pass it and enter a lite version of the website.

Also my disk space on C: drive(drive with os installed) is always negligible sometimes 0 bytes as i am a movie buff and use all available space so if less space is a problem please let me know.



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Re: Play/App taking too long to load

Dear Sagar,

I suggest you to free around %10 of the harddisk, it is advisable o.O. Since a lot of programs use cache or temp files and need a bit more space in the harddisk than 0 bytes. I mean, I am amaized that your pc is still working. Some of these programmes uses quite a lot of harddisk in temp files, you will see if you look at your free space just before switching off the pc after some days of it switched on and then switch it off and when you switch on again look at your free space again. Sometimes I have over 2 GBytes more of free space, that means I had around 2 GBytes at temp files that were erased after closing either the prog or the pc, windows has a lot of temp files too.

I am more astonished to see that your pc actually works and you can open chesscube than it consuming a lot of time.

After freeing around 10% if the problem continues write again and I will try to help you a bit more.

Regards Xabier.

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