Error 001 initializing ChessCube




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Error 001 initializing ChessCube

Help? Once I click play this happens



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Re: Error 001 initializing ChessCube

hi ,i encountered this many times and what u have to do is clear cache(in recent history) and upgrade your flash player and if it still doesnt work,try new browser and if it still doesnt work please dont scold me ;)


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Re: Error 001 initializing ChessCube

Good evening,

You can always set more cache space for your browser to use. It seems that there will be some issues regarding that. Since although I am not too sure about it, I suppose that CC uses some memory of the pc that is connected to the server.

There are more topics about this subject and I am not going to repeat myself again. Just search a bit for it. I will not do all the work always.

Regards Xabier.

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