Small Random Bug.




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Small Random Bug.

I was watching a marathon of 1-minute games between two higher rated players, and every minute or so the ads tab would pop up.
I don't mind the fact that that keeps happening, but every time it does that the supposed ads tab is blank. Is it supposed to be, or is something wrong?



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Re: Small Random Bug.

no,chesscube is waiting for sponsors i guess ;),and it will get them soon,,why dont u upgrade to vip(no automatic ads)


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Re: Small Random Bug.

Good evening,

I do not really know but you may have them blocked by ABP, I have some features taken down by ABP. In fact I do not see the backgrounds and so on in the chesscube store.

As you can see here, Image

It happens with some media to me, I think I have blocked them. You may have done something like that to see them blanc although I am not too sure about that.

Regards Xabier.

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