sharing game on facebook




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sharing game on facebook

while i am trying to share a game on facebook,,cc is getting relogged and i cant share a game(i had seen a facebook friend sharing a game with special cc app which is convient to see game itself in facebook),,,,,and i got information that for sharing a game we need to have same emails for chesscube and facebook,,,is it true?if it is true why like that???


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Re: sharing game on facebook

Good evening prideofandhra,

I do not really know how facebook works but if you are connected to chesscube from facebook, to which you have connected through an email and you need another or same email account to validate your chesscube account it might be preferable to have same in both.

Although I must say that I do not really know how it works since I do not really use facebook.

Regards Xabier.



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Re: sharing game on facebook

Use chesspo.st

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