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Private messaging service

Requesting a private messaging service attached to the main chesscube interface where users can send other users messages even if they are not online, so they can pick up their messages when they come back online. I imagine the option would be in each users profile and quick profile drop down box and the inbox can go in the top right hand corner next to your options?



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Re: Private messaging service

Good idea.


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Re: Private messaging service

Good evening,

There is already that function, I mean if he/she is in your friendlist or he/she is a moderator you can always pm him/her and they will receive it when they connect back in a double window if I do not remember badly.

As for messaging other people that are not on your friendlist I am against it, since there can be ill reasons behind sending messages. If you want to send a pm to someone on your friendlist do that is not connected do the next 4 steps.

1st open friend tab it is the 5th orange/yellow tab in the right. 2nd deactivate the show friends that are online. 3rd search for the friend you want to message in the list and click his name. 4th click in send a private message and finally write your message.

Notice, that you do not need to be online to receive the answer of your friend or mod.

Regards Xabier.

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