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small functional improvement

problem in two pictures:

bad image: http dl.dropbox com /u/3969945/bad.png

good image: http dl.dropbox com /u/3969945/good.png

Solution: change the default window location

sorry: can't post with images :(


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Re: small functional improvement

Good evening,

I do not know, I am more concerned of the warzone time first player window that appears in the upper left corner than what you need to move to get to seek button.

I always move the warzone window to the right low corner where it does not occupie any of the board. As for the seek tab I do not really mind moving a bit to get to seek. It would be another question if you need to have the left click of the mouse clicked during the proccess but since it is not the case I do not really mind it.

I really mind it more the window that appears in every warzone by defect at the high left part instead of the low right part.

Regards Xabier.

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