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5 min pool

hello everyone,chesscube should really need "5 min pool rating" because it differentiated players skill for blitz games and if we want to play a blitz game we can play with desired playing strength player,,now at present system i think it is difficult to say who is stronger in blitz between a 2300 and 2500 player and so 1700 and 2000 player and creating a new 5 min rating encourages ppl(higher rated players also) to play 5 min games,,,,plz comment possitive or negative


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Re: 5 min pool

Good afternoon,

It used to have those ratings earlier, when I joined chesscube you have one rating for bullet 1 min and 2 min games one for blitz I think from 3 mins to 10 mins and then another one for longer games 10+mins if I am not correct, but what happens is that people who play 1/2 mins usually will not play a lot of blitz games or longer games.

Plus if they just play the 5 min fanatics it will affect their tournament rating instead of their blitz rating.

Although I support your idea, that way I could play 15 min games without sandbagging when I go back to 1 min games, since I am not really strong at long games.

Regards Xabier.



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Re: 5 min pool

that is very nice!!!
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Re: 5 min pool

yes 5 min game could be cheat :(

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