Feature Request - Desktop Notification




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Feature Request - Desktop Notification


Many of us would be aware of Desktop Notifications. Its something that would notify us when we are inactive, essentially with the message, when mentioned by someone.

How this would work:
1. A notification dialog box will pop up with the message at right corner of our screen if we are mentioned by someone, provided we are inactive.

2. It would also be great to filter the possible usernames as we try to mention someone. For example, in twitter we use @someone and it also does filtering as we type.

More Information:
This might not be a good idea when people chat like they play bullet chess. But works when users are inactive and would not like to miss when someone mentions them.

However, the second point mentioned above, would put lot of load for filtering the usernames in rooms like cafe, where traffic is always high. This could be an optional feature allowing the user to mention the username correctly.

Finally, of course only VIP users can be allowed to enjoy this feature.



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Re: Feature Request - Desktop Notification

i have also suggested this feature i would like an option for a tell sound so if a person gave u a private message u could here a little sound like ding or dong so u aware that someone trying to speak to u , then if u wasn't playing u would hear a sound that someone trying chat to u, amount of times ppl sent pm to me and i not notice till hours later is ridiculas and make u feel bad u didn't reply then u answer and they might not be aware u answered them as they gave up waiting for reply to u, only way at present to get a person attention is to send a game request to them, but this really isn't good way to try get person to notice chat alert as it starts conversation of with idea u trying hustle them for a game but this just meant to grab their attention :).

but yes a little floating box and option for sound to grab your attention of private message would be good idea to help the flow of conversation.

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