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When I seek a game, 3/4 of the games are aborted because people don't read before joining game.

I suggest players loose the game if they abort it, but rating is not effected. they just loose the wager, which should teach them to read the game type before joining it.

even better, just remove option to abort game.

Comments are welcome.


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Re: chess960

Good evening,

I am with you, it gets boring to see how some people just abort the game you are seeking, the only option I feel that less people abort at least against me is to let the auto accept to manual accept, that way the incidencies go down.

I still like the cannot abort an started game.

I like your idea.

Regards Xabier.


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Re: chess960

I like your idea. tooo :dance:



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Re: chess960

Chess960 would be more interesting to me if instead of the starting position being randomly chosen, each player chose their own starting position in a double blind manner... this might possibly result in a lot of people picking "standard" chess anyway, but if just one person picks a nonstandard position, all opening theory goes out the window.

This might also result in a great element of metagame... what are the known "strong" and "weak" positions, how good are different positions against each other, what is your opponent likely to choose, etc.

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